Free Book Reveals The Surprising Secrets Of The Highest Producing & Highly Successful Dentists

Dr John Meis is a student of the "dentist condition". Read this book (as well as his previous writings) for a shortcut to success in your dental practice.
- Mitch F.

Here's a fraction of what you'll discover:

  •  The 11 secrets I discovered after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaches, courses, and consultants that tripled my practice in 4 short years (page 9-10)
  • ​What one doctor did to take his practice from $5 million to $15 million in 2.5 years (pages 36-37) 
  • ​The quick and easy morning meeting that will also lead to an explosion in production (pages 67-72)
  •  One number that tells you if you have a patient experience problem, and how to fix it (page 94)
  • ​How the Energy-Usage rule can increase your take home pay to $30,000 or more  (see page 40-44)
  • The secret to getting patients to accept treatment. Hint: it doesn't involve telling them (see page 137)
  • Two reasons why practices plateau and most dentists are unable to see what they are (pages 101-113) 

The Idea That Dentists Have To Work Harder & Longer To Be Successful Is False

My name is Dr. John Meis and dentistry is in my blood… LITERALLY. 

I'm a 4th generation dentist and have been practicing for over 30 years.

I opened my first practice in a rural town in Iowa during the 80s farming crisis. 

I became frustrated about not being able to increase my own production and after a serious health crisis I had a wake up call. 

I began an obsessive study of what the highest producing dentists and the most successful practices and businesses were doing differently. 

After applying many of the secrets of these top producers and practice owners, I tripled my practice in just 4 years and multiplied my 1 practice into 6.   

I've been able to spend time in hundreds of practices and learned some key differences that set these dentists and practices apart for all the others. 

The goal of this book is to give you the tools to go from income to wealth, from a paycheck to profits, from burnout to being excited to go to work everyday.

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