Your Secret Weapon To Combat Dropping Reimbursements, Corporate Dentistry, and A Shrinking Dental Workforce

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A Lesson From My Childhood Friend Mike...

Dr. John Meis
Author of Cracking the Code
It all began with a shocking epiphany I had one night in 2009.

I was talking to a childhood friend, Mike. As kids, we had similar dreams. He was going to start a business and I was going to open a dental practice. By our 20s, I had a little dental practice and Mike had a little agriculture company. And that’s where our similarities would end.

I grew to rank in the top 1% of producers in the country, expanding my one practice to the size of 6, with 30+ employees. I was investing 10-15% of my income. I thought I was on the right path.

Mike, on the other hand, working as a CEO, had grown his little business to ... $1.67 billion.

I watched him buy his first lake house, where he, Margie, and the kids spent their summers together while I was stuck in my practice as my kids enjoyed the summer sun without me.

I watched as Mike bought his first boat, then his second, and pretty soon a mansion on the beach in Florida. 

I watched his success from afar, until one evening, sitting together by a firepit and enjoying a glass of bourbon, Mike said those fateful words to me...

“That’s A Crappy Business Model”

You see, like every successful person, Mike is endlessly curious. He had asked me to explain how dentistry really worked -- how dentists try to do clinical work while also running a business. He wanted to know all the nitty, gritty economic details.

After I finished, he rubbed his forehead and said, “Well, that’s a crappy business model. You don't have a business. You have a high-paying job. Because if you aren't there, the thing tanks. And you can’t sell a high-paying job.”

He was right, of course. The truth stung, but it shifted my thinking like an earthquake. Hot with shame about following the wrong path for so many years, I resolved that evening to fix what was broken.

A New Kind Of Dentist
Is Emerging: The Dental CEO

I set out on a new mission, to figure out how I could design a practice where my income wasn't limited by my personal production. I wanted to run my practice with the mindset of a successful CEO. So, I started researching and paying attention to what was happening with corporate dentistry and how practices were being valued for a sale.

I realized very quickly that regardless of what path I wanted to take, they all led to creating a highly valuable practice that could operate without me at the helm.

I knew if I could figure this out, I would find the real security I wanted for my family and the real freedom I had been seeking since I opened my first dental practice.

So, for the next decade, I became obsessed.

I joined multiple coaching and mastermind programs with highly successful business owners as members. I studied what they read, what financial models they followed, and how they built teams to run their organizations.

During this discovery phase, I folded my practice into a larger DSO, serving as VP of Business Development and then as President.

We grew our dental group from 50 to 120 locations, doing nearly $190 million in revenue...

In this Book, Dr. Meis is Sharing Everything He Learned

Dr. Meis has compiled all of his knowledge into this powerful book for dentists. You'll learn:
  • How to enjoy a practice that runs like a business, even when you’re not there
  • ​How to build a bigger future in a practice designed by you (not forced to fit someone else’s model of success)
  • ​How to create a higher standard of care for your patients and an exceptional patient experience
  • ​Why the two biggest blockages to your capacity are almost always ops and people (you'll discover how to fix them and open a flood of new production)
  • ​7 ways to increase patient visits (including Re-Appointment, the most important number to track for profitability)
  • ​6 ways to increase production (including the "same day secret" to 30-40% growth after your schedule has fallen apart)
  • ​Why your "best" employee could actually be your worst (it has to do with “hoarding” tasks that creates a bottleneck in growth)
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And, Your Book Comes With 4 Bonuses:

The following training programs are included for free with your copy of Cracking the Code:

Bonus #1:

The Dental Profitability Formula

Value: $497

There are hundreds of ways to grow a practice, but only 4 ways to grow profits. 

In this video training, you'll learn The Profitability Formula. Just plug in 4 numbers and you’ll see exactly what to do to increase your profitability.

Bonus #2:

How to Thrive Even If
You Are Feeling Burned Out

Value: $97

In this audio presentation, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs, RDH confront the hard facts: 

The dental workforce shrank by 17% after COVID, yet demand is growing. That means fewer team members are doing more work. 

Many of us are running ragged. 

Listen to discover how the word "Why" can make all the difference in not only surviving but thriving in challenging times. 

Bonus #3:

How I More Than Doubled Production
In A Small Town in Wyoming

Value: $97

The day Dr. Nate Lester closed on his first practice, the retiring dentist handed him the keys, left a patient numb in the chair, and walked out the door. He had to learn fast. 

And, he’s been a super learner (and implementer) ever since. 

In this audio presentation, Dr. Lester reveals how he increased his production from $0 to $4.3 million in a small town with 9 other dentists nearby. 

His story will inspire you and give you a clear path to follow to create big results in your practice.

Bonus #4:

The Secret to Becoming an Irresistible Practice to Team and Patients

Value: $497

In this video training, you’ll learn why culture is such a strategic advantage. 

If you’ve ever struggled with:

• Team members who don’t feel valued or appreciated
• Difficult office managers
• High turnover
• Low morale (especially during tough times)
• Days when you wish you could wave a magic wand and make the staff drama disappear

Then, this presentation is for you.

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