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How To Grow Your Dental Practice The Right Way
If you think more new patients will fix your practice problems ... don’t read this report.

If you want more hard-sell case acceptance tricks and think you should work even harder ... please stop reading.

Our new report, Secrets To Their Success, shares the stories of 8 dentists who went through the same pandemic and shutdown you did in 2020.

And now they’re living their dreams in 2021.

How did they do it?

By delivering a higher level of patient care, new production followed. 

As surely as night follows day. 

Without advertising more, selling out to a DSO, or taking advice from people who never practiced dentistry. That’s how you grow your practice the right way.

Example stories from the report:
  • Dr. Michael Kirchner laughed at The Team Training Institute, but then he topped $3 million!

  • Dr. Dick Davenport saw a $1.1 million increase in 12 months. Today he’s on a path to expansion without financing

  • ​Dr. Lisa Mullis Williams said, “The Team Training Institute is my secret weapon. Had I not found them, I would have gone under!”

  • ​Dr. Ian Fontenot went from “I didn’t know what to do” to $1 million and working less

  • ​Dr. Rob Lambrechts went from worried and frustrated to $1.6 million more revenue

Dr. John Meis

Founder and CEO of The Team Training Institute

Wendy Briggs, RDH

Founder and President of The Team Training Institute
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